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International Adoption Updates and Information about Investing in the future

U.S. Adoption Leaders Express Grief and Outrage Over Death of Russian-born Nina Hilt, Call for Immediate Changes to International Adoption Policies
Following today's news of the tragic death of two-year old, Russian-born Nina Hilt, allegedly at the hands of her adoptive mother, the National Council For Adoption (NCFA) convened a meeting of leaders of accredited adoption agencies working in Russia. Together, ...
Adoption Resources International, A Licensed International Adoption Agency US citizens can adopt adorable, healthy orphans from Russia, Belarus, China, etc. Adoption Resources Intl., a licensed child placement agency, can help with international adoptions. Infants to teens. ... A licensed adoption agency based in Richmond, Virginia, dedicated to helping ... Adoption Resources International (ARI) is a licensed Christian Adoption Agency helping American couples ...
Faith International Adoption Agency
Faith International 10th Anniversary Family Reunion- September 4, 2018. We are excited to celebrate ten years of uniting families with our 2018 Family Reunion. For more information, please see our family reunion page and contact Sylvia Pinel . ... agency licensed in the State of Washington. We are members of the Joint Council on International Children Services, the American Adoption ... for Adoption, the International Concerns ...
Japanese Blog Adoption
The international adoption curve for blogs is as uneven as anything else. while in America over 60 percent of the Internet citizenry has not heard of blogs, 20 percent of Japanese users read blogs at least once a month. Forecasts call for over 40 percent of Japanese Internet users reading blogs within two years. On the creative side, at the end of March 3.35-million Japanese blogs were being updated at least monthly. There are about nine-million American blogs. Technorati and BlogPulse are tracking about 10-million Weblogs; makes you wonder which millions of blogs are being missed, and how the tracking can be improved. (The Japanese statistics are from the Japan Media Review, by way of EditorsWeblog.)
The Roadmap for Open ICT Ecosystems report
Harvard Berkman Center for Internet and Society have released a "roadmap" report calling for the international adoption of open standards for information technology.The report describes concepts and best practices for the implementation of open standards. "The Roadmap for Open Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Ecosystems" (PDF)
From our Forum: International to Domestic Adoption
AdoptingEster has a few questions for our forum members as she and her husband are switching from international adoption to domestic. "1) From a birth mother's perspective, are there any legitimate open adoption agencies out there that provide and encourage...
In Russia, Anti-Adoption Forces Exploit Child's Death to Demand Halt to International Adoptions, Says National Council for Adoption
As the political movement in Russia intent on shutting down international adoptions of Russian-born children by American parents is now mounting its full-force attack, the National Council For Adoption (NCFA) urges President Bush to encourage Russian President ...
Improve press coverage of bad adoptions
A few highly publicized cases don't reflect the majority of successful international adoptions.
Class to focus on adoption of kids from overseas
Parents in the process of international adoption are invited to take a class July 9 that will address the emotional and physical care of newly adopted children.